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New sensors implemented to AWEKAS Station’s Web

As requested by many of AWEKAS’ Station’s Web users, a variety of new sensors has been inplemented to Station’s Web. As of now, the following assortment of sensors are available on Station’s Web: 4x extra temperature sensors 4x extra humidity sensors 4x soil moisture 2x leaf wetness indoor temperature (visible for the station’s owner when […]

AWEKAS wants you!

You like writing weather news? You are interested in the topics weather and climate? Then you’ve come to the right place. AWEKAS wants you! Become AWEKAS News reporter and share your knowledge with hundreds of readers. Interested? Contact mail@awekas.at


New table view page

The table view page has been updated and has got a new design. Furthermore, the layout has also been optimised for mobile devices and the speed of processing has been considerably increased. The new data table page also introduces filters for most parameters, thus allowing selective queries. Relational operators (e.g. =, <, >) can be used. […]

“my.awekas.at” – the easiest way to your page

The new URL “my.awekas.at” is the easiest way to get to your instrument panel page. This link directs every AWEKAS member to their own station’s page. my.awekas.at has also been added to the top navigation bar as “My station panel” in order to allow faster and easier access to the owner’s station’s page.