New weather reporting tool: at home and on the go!

We’re glad to present you AWEKAS’ newest feature: The weather reporting tool has been overhauled extensively and has been improved for faster performance and easier handling!

By going to you directly get to the weather reporting tool page. Choose between a weather report for your weather station (“station report”) or – if you’re on the go – an arbitrary position on the maps. For mobile weather reports, choose “mobile report” on top of the page. Then, set your position to any random point on the maps by draggig-and-dropping the position marker.

The reporting tool has also been optimised for mobile devices and allows simple and swift reporting on the go. Mobile reports will appear as blue markers on the maps. Weather reports for your station reamain active and visible for 6 hours, mobile reports for 2 hours.

Weather reports from this page are integrated to AWEKAS maps in real time. Look forward to reporting your weather in greater detail and more current than ever!