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Fundraising AWEKAS

AWEKAS is free of popup adervertising or ads that fill the webpages. The costs for software, hosting and the server are covered with few banner ads and private efforts. Supporting AWEKAS is possible in many ways:

  Personal support: you are welcome to help in editorial work, i.e. managing new registration, support or public relation.
Hardware support: by donating weather-station hardware or parts for servers helps us to increase the service.
Programming support: we need people that can help us in VBA, JAVA and PHP for extending our service or persons expierenced in webdesing or graphics.
Translation support: help us in translating our website or documentation in different languages.

Financial support: Maintaining AWEKAS is expensive. Please help us to keep the service running and improving by donating a little amount of money. Please transfer your contribution to our bank account. For safety reasons we will send you our accounts details by email. If you want your name mentioned in the contributor list please make a note in your email. The contributor list can be find below.

Your contribution helps AWEKAS to enhance the service and to handle the increasing number of requests and members. Send all request to mail@awekas.at
Many thanks to all contributors and supporters.
Public donor lists
      14.07.2018: Lloyd Taylor - New Bern, NC 28561 - USA :   €20.-
      18.12.2017: Juan Maria Vilaro Sala - 08912 Badalona - Spain :   €10.-
      16.12.2017: Thomas Schreiner - 2603 Felixdorf - Austria :   €15.-
      30.09.2017: Eric Mueller - 21680 Stade - Germany :   €20.-
      05.06.2017: Ronald Wright - CHESAPEAKE, VA 23323 - USA :   €20.-
      05.06.2017: Rockbrook Camp for Girls - Brevard, NC 28712 - USA :   €20.-
      27.05.2017: Josef Zens - 1210 Wien - Austria :   €50.-
      19.05.2017: Hanspeter Rainer - 6322 Kirchbichl - Austria :   €30.-
      08.01.2017: Peter Rogowski - 32257 Bόnde - Germany :   €30.-
      02.01.2017: Arne Andersen - 1778 Halden - Norway :   €25.-
Weather Reports
 heavy cloud / -0.7°C - 21:45
 snow / -9.1°C - 21:45
no warnings at the moment
Minimum/ Maximum

Catamarca cap. (CTC)
36.6°C - 21:42
Naruska, Salla
-28.7°C - 21:41
Wind Speed
59km/h - NW - 21:45
Corfu Petalia
89.8 l/m² - 21:35
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