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By using the generated HTML code, you agree to the terms of use in the currently valid version.
Terms of Use
The widget, the associated code and the corresponding content such as weather forecast, weather data and other features (altogether called „widget“ in the following) are provided free of charge for incorporation in private and commercial websites by AWEKAS GmbH, Am Bahndamm 8, 4563 Micheldorf, Austria. The incorporation and use of the provided widget by AWEKAS is solely valid under agreement of the following terms of use:

§ 1 Use of the widget

1.1 By generating the widget, AWEKAS grants you the right to incorporate and use the widget on your website. The disclosure to third parties is not permitted. You are not permitted to misuse the widget for any other that the here stated purpose.

1.2 The incorporation and use of the widget is free of charge and voluntary.

1.3 The link of the widget to www.awekas.at is to be sustained at all times.

1.4 The AWEKAS logo as a part of the widget is to be displayed at your website at all times.

1.5 You are obliged not to abuse the widget. You must not violate valid laws or the rights of third parties by using the widget. You assure that other content of your webstite does not violate valid laws or the rights of third parties. AWEKAS is not liable for any claims of third parties that lead back to your violation of these terms of use. This includes appropriate costs for legal defence.

1.6 We reserve the rights to alter or extend parts as well as the entirety of the widget, to add advertisements or to cancel the service altogether at any time without prior notice. Thus, no claims against AWEKAS are granted. In the case of termination of the widget service, you are obliged to delete the widget on your website immediately.

§ 2. Generation of the widget

2.1 During the generation process on www.awekas.at, the widget can be adapted by choosing desired colours or formats. The widget will display the weather data of a chosen station.

§ 3 Exclusion of liability

3.1 The provided information and weather data are solely intended for informative purposes to the best of our ability. AWEKAS grants no responsibility for incorrect weather forecast and/or for incomplete and/or incorrect content. Furthermore, AWEKAS does not grant constant availability and actuality of the widget and weather data.

§ 4 Copyright

4.1 The user recognises the proprietary nature of the provided services. Violation of copyright laws will be taken to legal action according to criminal and civil law. AWEKAS grants you the right to incorporate and use the widget (including the AWEKAS logo) solely for the purpose of incorporation and use of the same on your website.

4.2 The widget, regardless of the graphic adaption or geographic reference, remains the property of AWEKAS. The layout and the code are intellectual property of AWEKAS.

4.3 The information and data displayed by the widget must not be collected in any way.

§ 5 Additional terms

5.1 If one of these terms may be invalid, all other terms and conditions remain valid. Instead of the invalid term, relevant legal stipulations apply.

5.2 AWEKAS is entitled to alter parts as well as the entirety of these terms of use at any time. Alterations of the terms of use will be reported to the users in proper form. The terms of use are to be reviewed periodically.

5.3 All legal relations as well as the stipulations between the user and AWEKAS are solely subject to Austrian Law. Austrian Law applies under exclusion of the UN Sales Law. If you are a merchant, the residence of AWEKAS applies as sole court of jurisdiction.