We’re glad to present you AWEKAS’ newest feature: The weather reporting tool has been overhauled extensively and has been improved for faster performance and easier handling!

By going to https://www.awekas.at/en/report.php you directly get to the weather reporting tool page. Choose between a weather report for your weather station (“station report”) or – if you’re on the go – an arbitrary position on the maps. For mobile weather reports, choose “mobile report” on top of the page. Then, set your position to any random point on the maps by draggig-and-dropping the position marker.

The reporting tool has also been optimised for mobile devices and allows simple and swift reporting on the go. Mobile reports will appear as blue markers on the maps. Weather reports for your station reamain active and visible for 6 hours, mobile reports for 2 hours.

Weather reports from this page are integrated to AWEKAS maps in real time. Look forward to reporting your weather in greater detail and more current than ever!

We are happy to announce that AWEKAS is now colaborating with our colleagues at Skywarn Austria (German)! Skywarn Austria is a charitable association for storm observation. They also issue storm reports as well as storm warnings in and for Austria on their website.

As of now, AWEKAS features Skywarn’s storm warnings on the AWEKAS’ maps overview page. The storm reports are visualised as red marks on the map.

By clicking on the marks, further details regarding the storm report can be accessed. In return, AWEKAS sends our colleagues of Skywarn Austria wind speed data of individual weather stations in Austria, that have particularly high wind speed values.

On this occasion, we’d like to thank the members and officials of Skywarn Austria for the exceptionally good collaboration in the past, present and certainly in the future, too.

As we have announced in the last news article, Air quality (abbreviated as “AQ” in the following tesxt) sensors have now been integrated to AWEKAS Station’s Web. A new page within Station’s Web solely for AQ data has been established.

If AQ data is sent to AWEKAS’ servers (and your Station’s web subscription is active), the new AQ page is automatically added to the navigation bar of Station’s Web. On top of the page you can find the automatically calculated Air Quality Index visualised as a bar diagram. Below, PM1, PM2.5 and PM10 particle values are presented seperately in three charts (if present).

Historical data is featured as a line diagram on the bottom of the page. PM1, PM2.5 and PM10 particle values are represented by one line each in front of a color-coded scheme for the Air Quality Index.

All values are calculated in accordance with the Air Quality Index of the European Environment Agency (European Union).

A demo page (German) can be accessed here

AWEKAS has implemented another new feature – air quality sensors! Air quality (abbreviated as “AQ” in the following text) sensor data can be transmitted to our servers as of now. The software supports the DAVIS AirLink Sensor

complete with the AWEKAS Bridge NANO (SD), WEEWX as well as weather stations compatible with WU which are able to send AQ data.

The values can be selected by accessing the AWEKAS Stations- API. In the future, AQ values will be integrated into AWEKAS Station’s Web and the instrument panel page. We have also seized this opportunity to extend the data interface with a number of new sensors. It does now feature 4 additional air temperature sensors, 4 additional air humidity sensors, 2 leaf wettness sensors and 4 soil moisture sensors as well as the AQ values for PM1, PM2.5 and PM10 particles. These can already be assessed in the API data set.

As requested by many of AWEKAS’ Station’s Web users, a variety of new sensors has been inplemented to Station’s Web.

As of now, the following assortment of sensors are available on Station’s Web:

  • 4x extra temperature sensors
  • 4x extra humidity sensors
  • 4x soil moisture
  • 2x leaf wetness
  • indoor temperature (visible for the station’s owner when logged in only)
  • indoor humidity (visible for the station’s owner when logged in only)
  • 3x air quality sensors (to be implemented)

For these new features, the database as well as data processing had to be updated extensively. Data conversion tools, which process the incoming data from stations of multiple software and hardware manufacturers, had to be enhanced for the new sensors. Additionally, the settings page was equipped with the administration of the new sensors.

Station’s Web’s main page as well as the statistics have been updated with the new features. Other pages are to be updated soon.

Additionally to these new features, Station’s Web’s code has been modernised and accelerated for fast and convenient performance.

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The table view page has been updated and has got a new design. Furthermore, the layout has also been optimised for mobile devices and the speed of processing has been considerably increased.

The new data table page also introduces filters for most parameters, thus allowing selective queries.

Relational operators (e.g. =, <, >) can be used. The search function supports searching for parts of station names.

The new URL “my.awekas.at” is the easiest way to get to your instrument panel page. This link directs every AWEKAS member to their own station’s page.

my.awekas.at has also been added to the top navigation bar as “My station panel” in order to allow faster and easier access to the owner’s station’s page.

AWEKAS Stationsweb – die einfachste Möglichkeit ihre Wetterdaten im Internet zu präsentieren
Sie senden bereits Wetterdaten an AWEKAS? – dann ist das Stationsweb bereits startbereit!

Für jede Wetterstation, die Daten an AWEKAS sendet, kann eine komplette Wetterwebseite in zwei individuell anpassbaren Designs mit Grafiken, Tabellen, Wettervorhersage, eigener Bildergalerie und viels mehr aktiviert werden. Einfach http://stationsweb.awekas.at/ihreAWEKAS ID in den Webrowser eingeben und los gehts.

Look here for more information …