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Information for station Cronulla Beach
North Ryde
  Station name Cronulla Beach  
Country Australia   
Height above sea level 10 m
Geographical position     151° 9' 13'' East / 34° 3' 15'' South
Data transfer Weather Display Direct Link
Last updated 26.5.2020 10:40
AWEKAS id 8729
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Cronulla Beach - Cecil Apartments weather station - Sydney Australia

This weather station was my old Davis WM11 which was located in Gymea Bay (Sutherland Shire).

The Davis WM11 was purchased in 1997 and in 1993 was first sending weather data to the "Weather Underground".

The Davis WM11 has served me well and has been trouble free.

Recently I purchased a Davis Vantage Pro 2 to update my home weather station in Gymea Bay and in doing so was always interested in putting a weather station located at my place of work at the Cecil Apartments in Cronulla.

Cronulla Beach is windy when it is not.... the Anemometer is located on the roof of the Cecil Apartments which is a 15 storey building.

Winds gust along the coast can be upwards of 100 kmh and since only having the Cronulla weather station active for about  2 months we have already had wind speeds in excess of 90 kmh.

Along Cronulla beach we have wind surfing, kite surfing, parra gliding and also have had the occasional hang glider.

As there is no other PWS around the Cronulla area I hope those who have an interest in the weather like I do find this weather station useful as well as my other station located in Gymea Bay.






Information for station
station Type of station  Davis Weather MonitorII
these sensors are in use count
Temperature 1
Air Pressure 1
Precipitation 1
Anemometer mounting height: 45 m1
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 overcast sky / 11.9°C - 10:43
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41.3°C - 10:36
-4.3°C - 10:00
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35.6km/h - N - 10:34
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