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The information and services offered on http://www.awekas.at/ represent a private website with the aim of collecting data from private weather stations, analysing this data and presenting it in a clear way on maps.

The contents of this site are contributed on a voluntary basis by private weather stations via internet. In this way the data can be kept as up to date as possible. Should you however discover out of date or inaccurate information, we would kindly ask you to contact the person listed in the Contacts area of the page.

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We make every effort to research all published information as carefully as possible and to keep it completely up to date. We can however offer no guarantee of the complete accuracy of the information contained.
No liability can be accepted for any damages which may arise out of the usage of the information contained herewith in this service.

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Biache-St-Vaast (62)
 heavy cloud / 9°C - 22:44
Borgata Mense
 partly cloudy / 11.2°C - 22:43
no warnings at the moment
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40.5°C - 22:39
-4.8°C - 22:43
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40.3km/h - SW - 22:44
247.2 l/m² - 22:40
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