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last value from:  6/22/2021 2:00 pm ( = local time: 4:00 pm) - 6/25/2021 2:00 pm ( = local time: 4:00 pm)
Datacheck: Temperature
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Geographical position: 21° 55' 31'' E / 38° 0' 35'' N
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Weather Report
 sunny sky / 71.8°F - 2:01 pm
Pont de Chéruy
 sunny sky / 69.1°F - 2:00 pm
no warnings at the moment
Minimum/ Maximum

106.9°F - 2:00 pm
Austin, TX
-0°F - 2:00 pm
Wind Speed
Sant Boi - C. Coope
34 mph - S - 1:47 pm
Fulton, MO
2.5 in - 1:56 pm
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