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   Air PressureWind SpeedGust
max  1017.9 hPa5.3 km/h8 km/h
average  1017.7 hPa3.3 km/h5.2 km/h
min  1017.4 hPa1.9 km/h3.2 km/h

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 TemperatureAir PressureWind SpeedGustPrecipitation
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Weather Reports
Kaipara Harbour, NZ
 rain / 9.6°C - 3:07
 heavy cloud - 3:06
no warnings at the moment
Daily, Monthly and Yearly Data

Maricopa, AZ
42.6°C - 3:00
Coromandel East
4.9°C - 3:02
Wind Speed
Wyndhamvale, Vic.
32.6km/h - N - 3:06
Rahaugen Halden
63 l/m² - 3:00
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