What are the requirements to join AWEKAS?

Joining AWEKAS isn’t rocket sciece.

All it takes is a wether station and internet connection.
If you don’t have a weather station yet, you can purchase online at our shop. The weather station sends data either directly, via computer or via a small interface (e.g. AWEKAS Bridge) to our servers and the AWEKAS Cloud. We process and visualise the data and submit it to AWEKAS online.
If you are looking for your best-fitting solution to send data to AWEKAS, our interactive consultant will be happy to help.

Last but not least:
AWEKAS is free of any charges and commitments!

We take care of examining, filing and processing your data for our maps and information pages.

AWEKAS Station’s web is our individual solution for users who whish to have their own website. It comes with a weather forecast, a photo gallery, graphs and many more features to present your weather data online and is individually customizable.

register – send- done

Presenting your weather data online can be as simple as do-re-mi!