Rainwise Net - server feed is transmitting data to AWEKAS

  • AWEKAS has a new cooperation partnership with Rainwise Inc. (www.rainwise.com).

    With this partnership it is now possible to transfer data from Rainwise Net to AWEKAS without any extra software. Rainwise Net users can enable this transfer at the Rainwise Net settings. Rainwise is a great manufacturer of professional and semiprofessional weather equipment. With the IP-100 data logger in combination with a MK-III weather station you can transmit weather data without any pc to the Rainwise Net and to AWEKAS. More information about Rainwise Inc. will follow.

  • I have checked our log files. Currently we get no data from your account.

    Have you set your awekas username on Rainwise Net? Username = aeh*** (last letters replaced with *)

    I also have contected Wayne to check the Rainwise server