Cumulus - Tutorial for AWEKAS

  • Hopefully this will be clear enough for everyone..

    The following is a tutorial (requested by Othmar) on how to upload Cumulus information to AWEKAS....
    First you can read the info here from the AWEKAS forum: AWEKAS interface description

    The info here from the AWEKAS forum: AWEKAS interface description explains each line and you can also change the unit of measurement i.e. centigrade or Fahrenheit see below

    1st Line) Following text: AWEKAS_Template_start
    2nd Line) Outside temperature (float) (unit at line 23 )
    3rd Line) Humidity (int) (unit at line 24)
    4th Line) Air pressure (float) (unit at line 26)
    5th Line) Precipitation amount in the day (float)
    6th Line) Wind speed (float) (unit at line 25)
    7th Line) Wind direction (in degrees)
    8th Line) Time of measurement (HH:MM)
    9th Line) Date of measurement (if possible in the format DD.MM.YYYY)
    10th Line) Change in air pressure in the last 6 hours – text version according to Weather Link specification
    11th Line) Minus sign (-) is a dummy
    12th Line) Minus sign (-) is a dummy
    13th Line) Minus sign (-) is a dummy
    14th Line) Minus sign (-) is a dummy
    15th Line) Minus sign (-) is a dummy
    16th Line) Minus sign (-) is a dummy
    17th Line) Minus sign (-) is a dummy
    18th Line) Gust (float)
    19th Line) Solar radiation (W/m²) (unit at line 28 )
    20th Line) UV Index (float) (unit at line 30)
    21th Line) Rain rate (float) (unit at line 29)
    22th Line) Soil temperature (unit at line 23 ) (float)
    23th Line) Measurement unit temperature ( (degree sign)C or F ) (string)
    24th Line) Measurement unit humidity (%) (string)
    25th Line) Measurement unit wind speed (km/hr , m/s, mph ) (string)
    26th Line) Measurement unit air pressure (hPa , in) (string)
    27th Line) Measurement unit precipitation (mm, in) (string)
    28th Line) Measurement unit solar (W/m² ) (string)
    29th Line) Measurement unit rain rate (mm/hr, in/hr) (string)

    30th Line) Measurement unit UV (index) (string)
    31th Line) Template version: current Text: Template_V1.5

    All values have to have a separate line and may not have any description. And a line return a <br> tag has to be included.

    I am using the LaCrosse WS2310 so I am using the last file format. I used the template suggested and placed the values in it that my weather station reports, see here:
    This is the template (you make a txt file in notepad or wordpad or comparable program) start on line #1 no space at top!

    % <br>

    Once you have this template made then save it to your hard drive as awekas_wl.htm

    Now upload this file to your website and note the location. Then in the Cumulas program on your computer go to > Configuration > Internet > Files .... browse your hard drive for your awekas_wl.htm file and put that location in the box ( see my example below )

    [Blocked Image:]

    * Read Cumulus instructions:
    Local Filenames This column allows you to specify the names of up to 10 files on your system which will be uploaded to your web site at each web update. Clicking the 'Browse...' button opens a standard file selection dialogue to allow you to browse for a particular file.
    Binary? This column allows you to specify whether each file is Binary (e.g. images) or not (e.g. HTML files).
    Remote Filenames This column allows you to specify the corresponding name on your web site of each file. You should specify the full path for the file, starting from the point you are at when you log in to your site's FTP server.
    Process? This column allows you to specify whether each file should be passed through the 'tag processor' in Cumulus, in the same way that the standard Cumulus web pages are. This allows to you to create your own web pages into which Cumulus will insert the various weather parameters. See the "Web tags" section of the help file for a list of the tags which you can use. Cumulus will create a temporary file to hold the processed version of your file and then upload that.

    Now you will need to make sure that on the Awekas site that your user data points to the path of the datafile
    **There has to be an upload file if the data is to be transferred automatically. Enter the link including the file name here - e.g. (

    OK! This should do it and now your Cumulus information should be sending to AWEKAS - I know it is probably clear as mud but go ahead and e-mail me and I will be glad to try and help.