Admin Data Block

  • Good Morning

    Apologies I have been looking for an admin email to use but not really seeing a support option in my Awekas station panel. Please could someone provide a suitable contact. To help I have swapped out my weather station after my previous set up kept failing and believe I have cracked the configuration and reporting element. I am just looking for someone to agree and if possible release the admin blocks on my sensors. I believe I have my Weather Display software correctly set up and my station panel configured with 6 sensors. If it helps my Awekas Id - 7763, Weather Station Name - CrowboroughWeather.

    Much appreciated


  • Hi Steve, a small annotation on the subject of your AWEKAS -website:

    At your Information for station-tab you entered 170 m as mounting height for your wind gauge – this is wrong! (nice imagination: a 170 m - staff :winking_face: )

    The mounting height of the wind gauge means the distance to the base of your station – not the distance to sea-level.

    In your case (I think) your wind gauge is two meters above the ground.

    Nice greets