Qualcheck zone size ?

  • Hi,

    It looks like the qualcheck area has been reduced (not sure when).

    When using the link to compare when neighbor stations, I have now only 2 stations instead of 5 or 6 in the past.

    I understand that bigger is the area, higher is the risk to make some poor comparison (it may depends on where you are, mountains etc...)

    But on the other hand, having only 1 or 2 neighbor is also a pretty poor quality check.

    Let's image one of those 2 neighbor has a poor quality, the average will loose a lot meaning.

    I guess this is not an issue in Germany (when looking the map, Awekas seems used a lot here and I assume most station have several neighbor).

    I'm in France, where the coverage is not too bad, but still not very large.

    Would it be possible to offer larger neighborhood area?

    I have different possible suggestions:

    - Maybe it could just an optional parameter qualcheck url (like "&radius=60") so it can be used when you know what you do, but not offered by default.

    I assume this could be the easiest solution (with less development), not touching the HMI.

    - It could be an added menu in qualcheck page to select different radius, for exemple 15-30-60-100km ?

    In my opinion, this qualcheck function is a great function from Awekas: it's the only PWS network I know that provide such function.

    It's a nice tool to diagnose and improve the quality of each station.

    What do you think ?

  • Hi!

    While having a look to qualcheck...I get disappointed to see that I now have only one single neighbor station... ?(

    BUT then I saw the menu to select 10/20/50/100km, great !!!! many thanks !!! :hail::hail::hail: