AWEKAS - How to install a weather station ?

  • Perhaps, someone will be asthonised by this thread but many weather stations are not installed in good conditions for ensuring correct measures.

    The main objective is to clarify the important impact of the weather station environment:

    1 - The ambiant air measure is not the measure recorded with the radiation of a wall or an obstruction in the vicinity of your sensor or near the ground.

    2 - The atmospheric pressure will be also wrong if you set a bad value of atmospheric pressure adjustment for converting the absolute pressure recorded by the probe to the relative pressure, also named sea level pressure. For the latter look at Tool - Check your pressure sensor.

    3 - The wind speed measure depends a lot of your anemometer environment: heigth, fence, natural obstacle, surrounding building. You must pay attentive to its location.

    4 - The rain measure can be unrealistic if your pluviometer is beside a fence, shrubs or a wall even if you have a distance of several meters.

    In short if you install your sensors and probes without taking into account simple precaution, you risk having inaccurate measures and receiving a mail from quality check administrator... If you get such message with one or more remarks showing deviation, you can have a look at AWEKAS - Data Quality System Locking.

    You find below the basic rules of weather station installation with the doucument attached: "Installation-apnote_30.pdf" and "siting.pdf". We do not require the best, it will be not possible for many people. However, you could "optimise" the location of your weather station to record accurate values as near perfect as it could be, having respect for advices writting in these documents. You could note the deviations and uncertainty increase very quickly.

    Here is a link to download the complete guide of the World Meteorological Organisation CIMO guide edition 2008 (downloading can be long pdf file is close to 10Mo), where you will find a lot of information about site and exposure in chapter 1.3.3 , for temperature, air pressure 3.3.4, 3.3.5 & 3.9.2, barometric adjustment 3.11 & Annex 3.A, humidity, wind speed 5.9 and rain 6.2 & 6.5.2. You have also explanation for radiation and sunshine for those who have these additional sensors.

    Hoping this message will help you in the installation of your weather station, I wish you to make good recording and above all good forecasts for the days or week following...


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