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Blocco amministrativo del trasferimento dati per la stazione Treia
Temperatura Umidit Pressione Precipitaz. Freq. di pioggia Vento Neve Solar UV Cond. meteo Temp. al suolo
= Trasferimento non bloccato / = Trasferimento dati attualmente bloccato
E' specificato il motivo, la durata e il momento del blocco.
DataTemperaturaUmiditPressionePioggiaFreq. di pioggiaVentoNeveSolarUVCond. meteoTemp. al suolo
25.01.2019 09:32     ok     
20.11.2018 07:08   107.8mm       
   24 h illimitato     
unrealistischer Niederschlag
21.06.2018 06:48     0km/h     
Keine Winddaten.
16.10.2017 18:22   5.4mm       
   24 h       
Wieder einmal unrealistischer Niederschlag
15.10.2017 22:16   10.8mm       
   12 h       
unrealistischer Niederschlag
05.10.2017 11:04     ok     
Moin Eigentlich mten jetzt alle Sensoren schon seit einiger Zeit wieder brauchbare Daten liefern ! Bis denn und viele Gre... Stefan Kster
08.03.2017 10:24     0km/h     
Keine Winddaten! Zum Vergleich der Nachbarstationen unrealistisch! Bitte Windsensor oder Transmitter-Kit der VP2 prfen!! Sobald das Problem behoben ist bitte melden!!!
07.03.2017 05:06     0km/h     
     12 h     
Keine Winddaten! Zum Vergleich der Nachbarstationen unrealistisch! Bitte Windsensor prfen!
01.02.2017 01:45     ok     
03.01.2017 11:58   32mm5mm/h      
   12 h12 hillimitato     
Unrealistischer Niederschlag
20.07.2016 11:01       14W/m0  
     illimitato 24 h24 h  
Sunny day. UVi sensor has failed. Only reporting 0.0 Solar sensor has failed. The readings are VERY low. http://www.awekas.at/en/qualcheck.php?selmode=sun&id=8955&stopdate=1468990800
14.05.2016 10:49       18W/m0  
     illimitato 1 h12 h  
UVi sensor has failed. No reports for 3 days. http://www.awekas.at/en/qualcheck.php?selmode=uv&id=8955&stopdate=1463202000 Solar sensor very low, but also seems to be in shade and not report accurate readings. http://www.awekas.at/en/qualcheck.php?selmode=sun&id=8955&stopdate=1463202000
12.05.2016 16:12     0km/h     
It's calm; not really. Your barometer has failed even if you do not want to believe it. http://www.awekas.at/en/qualcheck.php?selmode=wind&id=8955&stopdate=1463050800
11.05.2016 09:44     0km/h     
     24 h     
Another anemoemter failure. It really is windy outside. You are the only station with no wind. http://www.awekas.at/en/qualcheck.php?selmode=wind&id=8955&stopdate=1462939200
07.05.2016 09:47     0km/h     
     6 h     
There is wind in the region. 20km/h and above in airports and stations on AWEKAS and Weather Underground. Just not at your anemometer? I assume there is wind and your anewmometer is failing. http://www.awekas.at/en/qualcheck.php?selmode=gust&id=8955&stopdate=1462593600
02.05.2016 11:41     ok     
01.05.2016 15:28     0km/h     
     24 h     
Failed again? http://www.awekas.at/en/qualcheck.php?selmode=wind&id=8955&stopdate=1462096800
16.04.2016 11:46     0km/h     
     144 h     
Anemometer has failed for over 1 week. http://www.awekas.at/en/qualcheck.php?id=8955&selmode=wind&sel=&stopdate=1460786400
06.04.2016 07:11     0km/h     
     48 h     
0km/h for 4 days? Was only failing at night, but now during day time as well. http://www.awekas.at/en/qualcheck.php?selmode=wind&id=8955&stopdate=1459908000
28.03.2016 18:58     0km/h     
     1 h     
23.03.2016 05:34     0km/h     
     48 h     
Anemometer fails every night. http://www.awekas.at/en/qualcheck.php?selmode=wind&id=8955&stopdate=1458698400
21.03.2016 12:18     0km/h     
     12 h     
Anemometer or Software problem? Very windy and 0km/h. http://www.awekas.at/en/qualcheck.php?selmode=wind&id=8955&stopdate=1458550800
09.10.2015 16:1810.6C98%         
12 h12 h         
Tempt.und Luftfeuchtesensor WS Flatline http://www.awekas.at/de/qualcheck.php?selmode=temp&id=8955&stopdate=1444388400
01.09.2015 12:51okok         
01.09.2015 06:374.7C         
24 h24 h         
Thermo Fehlmessung! Bitte mal berprfen.
31.08.2015 17:05okok         
31.08.2015 15:595.5C         
12 h12 h         
Thermo Fehlmessung! Bitte mal berprfen.
03.08.2015 11:3212.8C91%1020.9hPa0mm0mm/h0km/h 0W/m0  
24 h24 h24 h24 h24 h24 h 24 h24 h  
Flat-lined. http://www.awekas.at/en/qualcheck.php?selmode=baro&id=8955&stopdate=1438581600
31.07.2015 09:42   8.8mm       
   24 h       
Rain gauge failed to reset at midnight. http://www.awekas.at/en/qualcheck.php?selmode=regen&id=8955&stopdate=1438315200
04.07.2015 12:5623.9C72%1021.3hPa0mm 1.4km/h 336W/m1 25C
12 h12 h12 h12 h 12 h 12 h12 h 12 h
Wetterstation Flatline, bitte Wetterstation oder Software neu starten
01.07.2015 12:40       160W/m   
       1 h   
Sensor is shadow at this time of day? http://www.awekas.at/en/qualcheck.php?selmode=sun&id=8955&stopdate=1435734000
06.05.2015 07:43   9.8mm       
   24 h       
Misleading report. Rain gauge failed to reset at midnight and also added 9.8mm! http://www.awekas.at/en/qualcheck.php?selmode=regen&id=8955&stopdate=1430877600 Rain gauge fails regularly. http://www.awekas.at/en/qualcheck.php?id=8955&selmode=regen&sel=&stopdate=1430100000
16.01.2015 13:22   5.8mm       
   144 h       
Software error. Rain gauge is failing to reset at midnight. http://www.awekas.at/en/qualcheck.php?selmode=regen&id=8955&stopdate=1421402400
12.01.2015 08:15   6.2mm0mm/h      
   48 h48 h      
Rain gauge is not resetting to 0mm at midnight. http://www.awekas.at/en/qualcheck.php?selmode=regen&id=8955&stopdate=1421038800
09.01.2015 14:30   5.6mm 0km/h     
   24 h 24 h     
Wind speed has failed. http://www.awekas.at/en/qualcheck.php?id=8955&selmode=wind&sel=&stopdate=1420801200 Rain gauge did not reset at midnight. http://www.awekas.at/en/qualcheck.php?id=8955&selmode=regen&sel=&stopdate=1420801200
22.12.2014 04:49   0mm 0km/h     
   48 h 48 h     
Niederschlag und Wind werden nicht bertragen, bitte prfen.
21.12.2014 15:07     0km/h     
     12 h     
bitte Windsensor berprfen ttp://www.awekas.at/de/qualcheck.php?selmode=wind&id=8955&stopdate=1419163200
27.10.2014 18:59okokokokokokokokok ok
20.03.2014 06:160mm/h18.5km/h0W/m0 6.1C
illimitatoillimitatoillimitatoillimitatoillimitatoillimitatoillimitatoillimitatoillimitato illimitato
Die Wetterdaten, die z.Z. auf der eigenen HP gezeigt werden, sind sehr Fehler behaftet. Luft-temperatur und -feuchte springen. Bitte die komplette Station prfen und dann wieder melden. -/-
20.03.2014 06:05   1.2mm       
2 h2 h2 h24 h 17 h 17 h17 h  
Kein Reset um 00:00
18.03.2014 07:2513C0%1007.3hPa        
48 h48 h48 h15 h 15 h 15 h15 h  
Barometer has not been corrected to sea level. http://www.awekas.at/en/qualcheck.php?selmode=baro&id=8955&stopdate=1395115200 THERMOMETER. >5'C warm. Also 'spikes' on graph on 16.03.2014. http://www.awekas.at/en/qualcheck.php?selmode=temp&id=8955&stopdate=1395115200
17.03.2014 10:168.3C0%1006.6hPa1.2mm 10.3km/h 0W/m0  
12 h12 h12 h12 h 12 h 12 h12 h  
-Wetterstation Flatline, bitte Wetterstation oder Software neu starten http://www.awekas.at/de/qualcheck.php?selmode=temp&id=8955&stopdate=1395039600
11.03.2014 19:24           
10.03.2014 16:56okokokokokok ok   
WS wurde neu eingestellt
27.02.2014 13:20           
illimitatoillimitatoillimitatoillimitatoillimitatoillimitato illimitato