Barimetric pressure always locked

  • Hello,

    My barometric pressure is constantly and currently locked due to what you say is inaccurate data.

    My station has always agreed with local PWSs +/- .05 inches of mercury.

    Though the elevation is similar, you are comparing my PWS to a METAR 50 miles away and in the front range and not the mountains.

    Currently the METAR reads 29.82 inches of mercury.

    My station (15225 in the Rocky Mountains reads 29.78.

    A PWS near to me reads 29.8.

    A station further south reads 29.73.

    Why is my pressure always locked?

  • Hello,

    The air pressure is blocked because it is wrong.

    Please note that the air pressure is always calculated at sea level.


    The weather station "A" stands on the coast at 0 m / foot

    and has 1000hPa = 29.529 inches of mercury.

    Weather station "B" stands on a mountain on the coast at 2000m = 6561.68 feet.

    But the air pressure is always the same.

  • I see, so what you are saying is that the air pressure is always exactly the same at a given altitude across Colorado.

    Next question;

    How to I delete my account?

    I'll stop uploading now, but would rather have the account deleted.

    Thank you

  • I'm sorry Udo,

    Yes, my pressure is wrong as well as everyone around me.

    My altitude is correct, but my sea level correction is wrong.

    For some reason VWS won't accept the sea level correction, but I will try to do so in my Vantage Pro.

    Still, I am curious. Is there a way to delete an account should I wish to?