[Software](Station's Web) AWEKAS alarm service

  • The AWEKAS alarm service informs Station's Web users via email if certain, definded parameters are hit. The emails are automatically generated by the AWEKAS servers.

    Any parameter that you send to AWEKAS can be used as a condition for a information or alarm email. You can choose the value of the parameter and if you wish to be informed if it is hit (=), undercut (<) or exceeded (>).

    You can also define how often you wish to be informed if certain condition is hit. In addition, you can set categories for information only, warnings or alarm.

    For example:

    • Parameter: temperature
    • Condition: should not be below -10°C
    • Interval: daily
    • Information if temperature is below -10°C
    • Warning if temperature is below -15°C
    • Alarm if temperature is below -25°C

    The setup takes place in the settings page of your Station's Web. Near the bottom of the page, the Button "AWEKAS alarm service" is located.


    Description of content:


    • (1) activation or inactivation of information email
    • (2) parameter of choice (temperature, wind speed, humidity....)
    • (3) comparative operator (< less than, > more than, = equal)
    • (4) comparative value
    • (5) type of email (information, warning, alarm)
    • (6) email adress of the recipient
    • (7) interval of information: defindes how often the parameter should be checked and if applicable you will be informed. Possible intervals: 15 minutes, 1 hor, 6 hours, 24 hours
    • (8) add or delete a line (for more/less emails)
    • (9) save settings

    AWEKAS Station's Web standard users can define up to 3 parameters for the alarm service. Premium users are not limited.