[Software](Station's Web) AWEKAS email service

  • The AWEKAS Station's Web email service sends Station's Web users automatically created reports via email.

    The emails are generated by the AWEKAS servers and can be sent to any email adress (including non AWEKAS users). The following reports are available:

    • up-to date weather data in intervals of 1 hour - short text email, long text email (with minimum and maximum values), HTML email
    • daily summary of the previous day at 12:00 PM - basic text email or HTML email
    • monthly summary of the previous month at the first day of every month at 12:00 PM - basic text email or HTML email

    HTML emails include graphic processing of the data.

    AWEKAS Station's web standard users are limited to one report (one hourly, one daily and one monthly summary, each to one recipient). Station's Web permium users have no limitations.

    The setup takes place at the settings page of your Station's Web. Near the bottom, the settings for the mail service are located.


    This button directs you to the settings page of the mail service.

    Description of contents:


    • (1) activation or inactivation of one report
    • (2) type of email: basic text email or HTML email
    • (3) intervals of email delivery: hourly, daily or monthly
    • (4) email adress of the recipient
    • (5) add or delete a line (for more/less reports)
    • (6) save settings

    These are some examples of reports (German):

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