[Software](Station's Web premium) Station's Web presentation mode

  • The Station's Web presentation mode was designed to automatically switch between the pages of your Station's Web. All or selected pages are displayed with adjustable intervals between the switches. The presentation mode is exclusively available for Station's Web premium users.


    • go to the settings page of your Staion's Web

    • near the bottom are the settings for the presentation mode (permium users only)

      Select the pages that you wish to be displayed in presentation mode. Selected pages are marked with a tick sign and grey colour. The slider bar adjusts the intervals between switching. Intervals of 5 to 120 seconds are possible.

    Viewing the presentation mode:

    Add &feature=play to the URL of your Station's Web page in your browser.

    For example: https://stationsweb.awekas.at/…php?id=2&feature=play