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Administrative locking for data transmission for station Ruppersthal
Temperature Humidity Air Pressure Precipitation Rain rate Wind Snow Solar UV Report Soil temp.
= Transmission not locked / = Transmission locked
Below the reason, duration and date of locking was displayed.
DateTemperatureHumidityAir PressurePrecipitationRain rateWind SpeedSnowSolarUVReportSoil temp.
26.08.2016 06:0918.7C72%         
6 h6 h         
Flat line weather station, weather station or software please new start
06.05.2015 15:40           
06.05.2015 14:12   ok       
06.05.2015 07:52   42.8mm       
   24 h       
nm Very high. Also checked surrounding stations on W.U. http://www.awekas.at/en/qualcheck.php?selmode=regen&id=5790&stopdate=1430877600