Froggit hp 1000 se pro bei AWEKAS anmelden

  • das müsste mir doch weiterhelfen oder? Da kann ich die gesamte Station anschliessen pluss einzelne Sensoren. Müsste doch damit funktionieren:

    DP1500 Wi-Fi Wetterserver USB-Dongle

    Der DP1500 Wi-Fi Wetterserver USB Dongle wurde entwickelt, damit Messdaten von DP-Sensoren über das Internet weltweit oder von Ihrem lokalen Netzwerk abgerufen werden können.

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    Yes the DP1500 will also work. But your HP1000SE PRO should also work. I recommend installing the latest firmware from Download the firmware for the HP2551 which is the same thing as what you have. You will need a microSDHC card. The HP1000SE PRO needs two firmware to be the latest. It needs WiFi firmware done with the WS View app but it also needs Revision firmware that is only possible with the microSDHC memory card. You need both.

    I see also that you set the upload interval to 60 seconds. That only works if you have configured your AWEKAS account for AWEKAS plus to be enabled.

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  • so I installed the new Froggit company ware 1.6.7 it should be. The station has recognized two new sensors and can also be seen at ecowitt. the dp 1500 is how it looks in function. only the data transfer does not work. red lamp flashes slowly. at the moment no plan why this is so.