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Thatcham 2
last value from: 31.8.2014 06:00 ( = local time: 05:00) - 3.9.2014 06:00 ( = local time: 05:00)
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Geographical position: 0° 51' 2'' W / 51° 25' 37'' N
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Wien 10 Troststrasse
 overcast sky / 14.4°C - 6:34
Foothills Blue Mtns
 clear - 6:34
no warnings at the moment
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West Terra Glendale
33.9°C - 5:52
2.8°C - 6:30
Wind Speed
Cronulla Beach
47.7km/h - S - 6:00
Lebanon, TN
88.9 l/m² - 6:30
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