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Data at: 31.10.2014  08:32 ( = local time: 02:32)

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Daily, Monthly and Yearly Data
 TemperatureHumidity Wind Speed 
max16.3 °C69 %1022 hPa3 km/h3 km/h
average15.5 °C59 %1021.5 hPa0.1 km/h0.3 km/h
min14 °C55 %1021.3 hPa0 km/h0 km/h
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Geographical position: W 96° 41' 50'' / N 33° 5' 50''
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 sunny sky / 14.3°C - 8:34
 fog / 10.4°C - 8:34
no warnings at the moment
Daily, Monthly and Yearly Data

Gradisca d'Isonzo GO
43.9°C - 8:25
Wasilla, AK
-12°C - 8:34
Wind Speed
Wanganui Rural
46.5km/h - NW - 8:20
Saxman, AK
27.7 l/m² - 8:28
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