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    I have read through the pinned discussions on this subject and that has not solved my issue. I am currently seeing my local time as being + 2 hours. I have set the time zone to America/Anchorage (local time). We are currently in Daylight Savings Time until November 6th. When DST ends the time will still be +1hour. I realize that the rest of the world does not do this. It would be simple to adjust time with the UTC offset method. Is there any option except to change the time zone to correct the local time? Have you considered making this change to UTC offset? So many other weather sites use the offset method.

    I had a power outage yesterday and since getting back online the data on my station panel is incorrect (example it shows -11.7 F and actual is 9.3 F) and no data shows any history on the graphs. The station also no longer shows as active on the weather maps. If I go to the Members maps it will show but no station data shows in the panel. If I report and add a snow level it will show on the weather maps but no other data is there but snow. Any help is appreciated. I am reporting using an Ecowit GW1000 and all data to other weather networks is correct. Station ID: 20470 Station Name: South Nikiski, Ak

    It appears that Aweaks is not receiving data. I have checked my setup and all parameters are correct. Setup through WS View app from Ecowitt.

    An email from the administrator solved my problem. Thank you for the quick response. The issue were spaces inserted in the configuration line added by spell check. Up and running. :dash:

    Unfortunately the time has reverted back to 2 hours advanced on my station panel, the time in the Stationweb page is correct. The time appears to be different across both applications. Setting time to a different zone also does not correct the issue. It is the same issue that several other members have acknowledged (…n&_x_tr_pto=nui ). Clearing browser cache has no effect. Thank you for your help. Another issue. I view my station panel in imperial units, at times the panel will flicker and revert to metric. This is not a large issue. Just informational. I do enjoy the Awekas website.

    It did correct the time to Alaska Standard time but no provisions for daylight savings time. It is still an hour off. An easy temporary fix is for me to enable the next time zone. An easier method is to use UTC offset.

    I have entered my time zone as America/Anchorage but on my station page the date banner reads " Data at 10/30/2021 10:06 (Local time: = 2:06 am)" when actual local time is 12:06PM the local time is incorrect by 2 hours. Is there a way to correct this. Could there be a way to use the UTC offset to configure this e.g -8.0 (UTC) directly with provisions for enable/disable daylight savings time for the United States stations?