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    I had a SD card failure on a Raspberry Pi I was running weewx so I started from scratch. All the services/integrations appear fine except for AWEKAS. Here are the details...

    AWEKAS ID: 18092

    My Station:
    Located New Jersey, United States in EST.

    The info displayed on my station page seems to be update to date and updating, but I get a failure message in weewx:
    Dec 26 11:35:36 weewx weewx[3502] ERROR weewx.restx: AWEKAS: Failed to publish record 2022-12-26 11:35:00 EST (1672072500): Failed upload after 3 tries

    as well an email from AWEKAS indicating the station is not sending data.

    The info in weewx.conf seems straighforward with my real password x'ed out:


    # This section is for configuring posts to AWEKAS.

    # If you wish to post to AWEKAS, set the option 'enable' to true, then specify a username

    # and password. To guard against parsing errors, put the password in quotes.

    enable = true

    username = GeekNJ

    password = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Any info on the server side as to the cause?
    Any suggestions what to try?
    Any idea why it does seem to be getting updated with info from my end even though weewx says otherwise?

    Many thanks