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    Mine doesn't connect to anything. I've written to the company and got an automated message with a reference number but nothing else.

    I've continued to write but they lack the courtesy to even reply.

    I've asked if I can send it back and have not received an answer.

    I use a Mac OS on my laptop and have tried to download updates but these are not compatible.

    Wish I'd never bought it.

    Hi, the unit is the unit is a Wifi ClearView Weather Center 7in1.

    The coordinates are logged into the system under the "Location" setting and they are accurate when searching for that given location on other maps. I've checked the elevation as well and that is correct as well.

    I've also tried it on WeatherCloud and it says it is "unlinked" so I presume this is again an issue with the internet access as well.

    As a slight aside, the button on the top right shows "login" all the time and never shows as being actually logged in. Each time I change screens I have to put in my username and password and do the mathematical calculation to go from one screen to another. My maths is ok but this is annoying!

    Many thanks,



    New to this unit and I have managed to get it linked to my wifi but I have no idea how to connect it to the internet so it is visible on either or

    Also, the screen works ok now but doesn't show the moon phases or the dawn & dusk features. It is sync'd ok and shows date & time etc.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.