AWEKAS - How to set up instrument panel on your website

  • For AWEKAS Plus members it's now possible to get the instrument panel on the own website.

    With following code you can get the panel.


    The values after the ? have to be set up:
    id = XXXX / XXXX is the AWEKAS station id (you see this number in the URL if you request your instrument panel on the map)
    lg=d / (language) d = German, e = English, n = Dutch, f = French , i = Italian
    eh=c / (Scalea) c = Metric units, f = American units
    tz=0 / (timezone difference to AWEKAS Server) this ist the differince in hours to the AWEKAS Server (CET). In Middleeurope the value is 0. Means : there is no difference to the Server. Set up the value in hours. Example: if your timezone is 11 hours previos Central European Time (CET) set value to -11
    header=1 / (Display of data time) if value is set to 1 the time of data sending was displayed on the top of the panel. If value is 0 the time was hidden.

    Please observe that the instrument panel is for private and non commercial use only.

    The easies way to include the panel is to use a iframe. Here a easy code example:

    <iframe src="" height="697" width="600" name="AWEKAS Instrumentenpanel"> 
    <p>Your browser cannot display iframes - please use the following link: <a href="">Instrumentenpanel</a></p> 


  • Sir: i am a new member of AWEKAS and I am starting to build my own web page...I have tried to insert both types of source code shown above into my page, but, in the first instance, nothing but the code itselof appears, and in the second example, I cannot figure out how to edit the code for my station, language, etc...Can you advise me what it is I am doing wrong? Thank you very much...

    Steve 8271

  • Have you ticked AWEKAS Plus in your profile?
    The instrument panel export to your own webpage is only possible when AWEKAS Plus is activated.
    What is your ID on AWEKAS? You can find it on the information station page.

    ID 1779

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