Spring/Summer 2021 news thread - new features inside

    • The weather reporting tool has been overhauled extensively and does now support mobile weather reports from any random location on the maps by simply using your mobile device. Learn more here: New reporting tool announcement

    • A series of heavy storms has struck Austria in late June of this year. This is why we're particularly pleased to announce that AWEKAS is now cooperating with Skywarn Austria. The complete statement can be found by clicking on this link.

    • A major new feature has been added to AWEKAS in sping and early summer of this year: Air quality sensors! Here is the announcement regarding the implementation of AQ sensors into the software of AWEKAS. Since then, AQ sensors have been added to AWEKAS Station's web (the announcement can be found by clicking here) and will be added to the instrument panel page in the near future.

    This thread will be updated with recent news.