Blocked UV from weewx to Awekas API

  • Hi,

    Weewx has the possibility to upload data to Awekas using API. I switched to it a while ago. All other measurements are updated correctly, but UV is not, error message written to syslog being "ERROR weewx.restx: AWEKAS: Failed to publish record 2020-11-30 22:10:00 EET (1606767000): Server returned 'UV Wert administrativ gesperrt - Transfer OK'".

    What could cause this? UV value reported from my station seems to be ok (nowadays almost always 0). My Awekas ID is 947.


    • Official Post

    Your UV is blocked by AWEKAS since 18.07.2018. Most likely your UV data was not in compliance at that time. If you believe that your station is now fix and producing good UV data then you can send an email to administration <at> and ask that your UV be turned back on and that you have confirmed that your station is ready to send good UV data.

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