Station's web url sending me to a subscription page

  • I have also just found out that you now charge for this after 1 month. I have not seen anywhere (at least obvious) where it states that I would have to pay for a subscription. I chose Awekas because it looked good and said it was free and I am really frustrated now as I have informed my local village FB site of its existence. I bought a weather station as a one off cost and not to have to pau for monthly fees. What are the benefits of the subscription to the free one month trial and are there any other charges?

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    This has been touched on numerous times on this and on other forums. Stationsweb activation is optional and not free. You can though use AWEKAS for free if you just use the Station Panel and accompanying other pages like map, adjacent station comparisons, forecasting, archive pages...etc....all are free.

    Free:<YOUR ID>

    To activate Stationsweb (an optional paid choice) you must go through this link:

    There is not a whole lot of text on that page. If you missed it, well then you didn't read anything and you just clicked the Activate button. Who's fault is that? You can't claim that there is no mention of charges when it is right there.

    English and Spanish are my native languages. If you see me post in a different language it is because I used Google Translate, so please excuse any discrepancies.

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  • Thank you for the response but rather than being patronsing why don't you answer my question...

    What are the benefits of the subscription to the free one month trial and are there any other charges?

    Also if you want some further advice I probably did not consider that charge as in bold writing at the top it states 'Do you already send data to Awekas' which I wasn't so it is conceivable to bypass reading or in my case thinking it doesn't apply. I would suggest for the future to make the stationsweb payment option clearer to new registrants.

    Anyway moving on...I do like the stationsweb view and functionality so if you can answer my question I may well purchase it

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    Thank you for the response but rather than being patronsing why don't you answer my question...

    What are the benefits of the subscription to the free one month trial and are there any other charges?

    The choice is not Stationsweb vs. the free one month trial. The choice is the Stationsweb additional features versus what you get without Stationsweb subscrition for free forever. Start uploading to AWEKAS, don't sign up for Stationsweb and see what that gives you. Then once you become familiar with what you get for free forever you can then look at the Stationsweb signup and recognize that the difference is a customized personalized homepage. I myself do not have a Stationsweb subscription. But even without having one I can see that you basically end up with a more polished and customized site.

    Sorry if I sound patronizing. I'm doing my best to answer your questions for information that seems to be right there prominently and well displayed. You want to know the benefits of Stationsweb and I'm reading right there above the price that it gives you; a website with two themes including graphs, tables, forecasts, and image gallery and more. Beyond that if you read the rest of the sign-up page there is more context and displays and features listed. There is even two demo site links.

    In comparison to see what you get for free then just go to the AWEKAS map and click on any site and see their standard and free forever Station Panel (Instrument Page):

    I'm sure the owners of AWEKAS will take notice of your recommendation. I do agree that perhaps it could be better communicated that AWEKAS Stationsweb is optional and that continued use for AWEKAS is free and does not require a Stationsweb subscription. The fact that this keeps coming up as a current occurrence is evidence to that fact.

  • Thanks Galfert and no worries

    I suppose my question is not that clear so I'll rephrase...

    Is the paid subscription of Stationsweb any different than the free trial of Stationsweb?


    Are there any other possible costs i might incur?



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    Yes, I do see that you did ask that question. It is clear now thank you. Do note that you didn't start a new thread for what amounts to a new question, related, but different. I would have started a new thread, but I suppose that I can see that it is somewhat related. No problems. My original response as are most of my responses are aimed not just at answering the immediate question but also to serve as information for future users that might search and find this information. I wanted to clear up the original misconception of this thread.

    For your new question, being that I've not tested Stationsweb, means I'm ill-equipped to answer that question. Therefore I will let someone else hopefully answer that for you. But my guess would be that there shouldn't be any difference between the trial and the paid subscription. It seems to me like you basically sign up and get the Stationsweb features and you don't get charged until the end of the month...upon which if you choose to not pay then it gets disabled with no other consequence, thereby getting the free month. I think it would be inconceivable for it to be any different. What I would though say is that probably in 1 month you might not be able to realize the full benefit by nature of not having had it activated long enough to have more than 1 month of data. As far as additional costs, probably not but I don't know how taxes work, nor where you live and if that makes a difference, therefore I would send an email to that link at the bottom of the page:

  • Thanks Galfert

    I am trying to subscribe to the staionsweb but when filling in the order details there is no drop down country for the UK is this a problem as we are no longer in the EU?



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    There is no difference between the AWEKAS Stationsweb Standard and the 1st month test.

    Unfortunately, Great Britain is no longer in the European Union. This prevents us from being able to sell the station web to Great Britain at the moment. The UK tax laws are currently making it very difficult for an EU company to sell services to the UK. We are looking for a partner in the UK who can handle the sale.