AWEKAS - Addition of "UK" to Station Name

  • Hello,

    Station ID 10477 Wetherby.

    There are three, increasingly strong admonishments in my station's data locking log, instructing me not to add "UK" to the name of my station as the flag indicates the nationality.

    I concur. The thing is, though, that I have not added "UK" to my station name at any point.

    Some system, or some person other than myself, has been adding "UK" to the name. I don't know who or what, but it is not me.

    I'd appreciate it if somebody could find out what has been adding "UK" to the name, and if I could stop being told off for something I haven't done.

    Thank you

    Doug Paulley

  • Thank you,

    I have changed my password in case that was the issue; I agree that this is a sensible precaution. It is a 20 character random mixed case character and number password.

    I remain concerned that somebody or some system has added "UK" to the name three times, in an attempt to be helpful or something. It wasn't me.

    Thank you

    Doug Paulley