Quality Checking Your Station

  • Hi,

    Is there any way you can remove stations from the six or so that are automatically selected so we can compare against stations that are only 2 to 5 miles away from our station rather than the up to 50 to 60 miles currently for some of the stations it automatically groups together. If Stations were selectable then this feature would enable a more accurate comparison of local data.


    Mark (Metman) ;)

    Biggleswade Station

  • I thought this the other day that it would be nice if you could select or deselect stations from the list on the left of the Quality Checking section.

    Now there is only one other station close to me (the other 2 stations I recommended joining have subsequently had their data locked out permanently because they weren't given enough time to fix their weather station), the 3rd station that is further away, and more rural, tends to skew my average comparison results.

  • I think, there was given time enough, to fix his/her/their station.

    I don't think 6 weeks is enough time to optimise the perfect positioning of a weather station

    Your data look to be ok so far, be glad!

    My data hasn't been ok, though apparently....despite the positioning of it not changing for 3 years

    Have a look on your own locking board, do'nt look at others.

    I do look at my data regularly, and worry that for no real reason something unusual might show up and I am accused of my weather station not being in the right place, or may have suddenly moved, or someone might be shining a mirror on it to affect the readings...like happened recently. Sometimes unusual weather conditions do take place, and it can't be explained.....if it was a regular thing, then I would understand why it was locked out.....but to lock out for a one off for a 24 hour period is abit much....especially when it could be several days before someone is able to actually have the time to make any adjustments that may be necessary.

    The reason I looked at other peoples locking situation was because I wanted to know why 2 local weather stations I had recommeneded to sign up for this site had suddenly disappeared. I was working with them to try and get it how the admin of the site expect it to be, but as I have said before, a small distance can make a lot of difference to temperatures. For example I was monitoring the Met Office site this evening and the temperature range on the coast here varied between 18C and 26C, and that's within a 30 mile distance