AWEKAS Release 2012

  • After nearly a year of hard work, AWEKAS Release 2012 will be published. Many new functions are included at the AWEKAS website

    Instrument panel:

    • Average value for the current day.
    • Precipitation value is now a bar graph
    • Month- and year minimum/maximum graph now scrollable for complete archive, if station OR viewer is AWEKAS plus member.
    • AWEKASplus members now get all features of the page if station has not enabled AWEKASplus. (complete gauges and scrollable graphs)
    • monthpicker to easy jump to a month or year
      The time period is limited to current month if the Station is not a AWEKAS Plus station. If you are loged in as AWEKAS plus user you now have all features and parameters as a AWEKAS Plus station. (gauges and time period)

    Qualcheck panel:

    • Display period is now 3 days and can be scrolled to the complete archive time (back until 1.5.2011) - viewers or stations which have not activated AWEKASplus are limited to 6 days back. If the viewer of the page is an AWEKASplus member, they have full access even if the displayed stations have not activated AWEKASplus
    • Time picker to easy jump to a date.

    Login/logout button with current status:

    • The user now can see his current login status on all pages. Easy to jump to login page if someone is not logged in. If user is AWEKASplus member he sees a litte AWEKASplus symbol to indicate AWEKASplus status.
    • If a member does not want to activate AWEKASplus, because he did not want to forward the data (data policy from AWEKASplus) he can donate 15€ and will get also all features.

    Data archive:

    • A data archive for each station data is available since May 2011. Valueas are available for minimum, maximum and average value.
    • Wind direction and staged temperature chart for a selectable time period
    • charts can be printed and stretched to full screen
    • The time period is limited to one month if the Station is not a AWEKAS Plus station. If you are loged in as AWEKAS plus user you have the full time period.

    Edit archive data:

    • Station owner can edit his archive values. on instrument panel for min/max values of Month and year, and at archive page for min/max and avg avlues of hours

    Precipitation graphs now with bar graphs: (it is now similar if station reset value not midnight, value is calculated everytime)

    AWEKAS Mobile:
    AWEKAS Mobile was translated to Spanish language. Now the complete functionality is available in Spanish.