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Information for station Cati - Castellon
CatÝ - L'AvellÓ
La SÚnia
les Coves de Vinroma
Sant Mateu, Castellˇ
Xert, Pla de la Font
  Station name Cati - Castellon  
Country Spain   
Height above sea level 661 m
Geographical position     0° 1' 17'' East / 40° 28' 18'' North
Data transfer Cumulus
Last updated 9.8.2015 20:29
AWEKAS id 3195
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Estacion meteorologica situada en Cati (Castellon) a 661 msnm. Weather Station placed in Cati (Castellon) at 661 meters above the sea level
Information for station
station Type of station  Davis Vantage Pro 2 (Plus)
these sensors are in use count
Temperature 1
Air Pressure 1
Precipitation 1
Anemometer mounting height: 1.5 m1
Solar radiation 1
Leaf wetness 1
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Weather Report
Borgata Mense
 partly cloudy / 19.1°C - 23:16
Robbinsdale, MN
 clear / 28.3°C - 23:16
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Palm Springs, CA
48.4°C - 23:07
Perth, Tasmania
-0.1°C - 23:10
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Bravo Zulu
38.5km/h - N - 22:50
Dukedom TN
66 l/m² - 23:13
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