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 TemperatureHumidityAir PressureWind SpeedGust
max28.6 °C71 %1012.1 hPa33.1 km/h38.6 km/h
average18.5 °C39.6 %1009.8 hPa8.6 km/h8.9 km/h
min7.8 °C10 %1006.2 hPa0 km/h0 km/h
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max0 mm0 mm/h   

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Hi All, I have had a PWS since 2003 my first station was a hard wired Oregon Scientific and then WMR968 wireless which still partly runs as water seeped into sensors and gave constant problems so I upgraded to a Davis Vantage Vue in 2015 for my current PWS.

I used FreeWX to compile the info from my PWS and display on my Weather PC but FreeWX is no longer suported so upgraded to Weather Display which is well supported and updates this site.

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BL APN ranger base
33.9°C - 9:11
Silverthorne, CO
-4.1°C - 9:07
Wind Speed
45.6km/h - S - 9:10
Orange City, FL
128.5 l/m² - 9:11
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