Terms and Conditions of AWEKAS weather chart system

AWEKAS is a measuring system which is formed by private voluntary weather stations. AWEKAS does not guarantee accuracy, availability or durability of the data supplied to AWEKAS by any station.
The service of AWEKAS is to provide a website which contains weather charts and tables of weather data.
AWEKAS shall not be liable for any failure of any or all services or disturbances on the Internet.
Furthermore, AWEKAS shall not be liable for damages caused directly or indirectly by the service of AWEKAS.
In no event shall AWEKAS, its employees, licensors or affiliates be liable for any claim.
Basically, the internet service of AWEKAS is always available. In case of force majeure, during necessary maintenance work, capacity overload, traffic situation and respectively the performance of access and / or the performance of the telecommunication system in use, restrictions or interruptions of AWEKAS are possible.
AWEKAS is not obliged to store data for members for an indefinite period of time, or to keep these data on standby (e.g. log files). AWEKAS reserves the right to extend, modify and improve the service. Moreover, AWEKAS reserves the right to reject the data transfer of isolated parameters or all member data, either temporarily or permanently for quality control purposes. No such obligation exists in any event, if AWEKAS would expose themselves to the risk of legal prosecution. The Member agrees not to use or to give others the opportunity to use the services of AWEKAS in any way, leading to the deterioration of third parties, AWEKAS or other computers. Downloaded information / data may not used against legal requirements and against the instructions and rules of AWEKAS and its service. The scope of the provided site is valid for the located content on the domain www.awekas.at only.

Commencement & termination:
This Agreement is effective from day of registration, is valid for an indefinite period of time, and can be terminated at any time by either party without any reason. The termination of the membership may be cancelled by the member by cancelling the data transfer or by written termination (email to mail@awekas.at), or by AWEKAS by deleting the account.

The software products are intellectual property of AWEKAS.
The legal right to intellectual property, especially the copyright of AWEKAS and their work, is crucial.
The commercial use or disclosure of data and graphic elements to third parties is only permitted with explicit written permission of AWEKAS only. The contents of the entire website are property of AWEKAS and therefore protected by copyright. The website merely exists to provide information and is intended for personal use only. Any other use, such as reproduction, distribution, storage or reproduction of the content, especially commercial use, and disclosure to third parties requires the explicit written permission of AWEKAS. The removal or alteration of copyright notices is not permitted. The services of AWEKAS are protected by copyright and must neither be changed in the original nor in the reproduction without explicit written permission of AWEKAS. Imitations, of any nature, are prohibited.

Further use of data:
By activating the so-called AWEKAS Plus function in the user profile of the member, advanced features are activated and thereby, the functionality of the provided services extended. The website provides a list of functions. The activation is done by selecting the "YES" button for AWEKAS Plus function in the user profile of the member. By activation the AWEKAS Plus function, the member explicitly grants AWEKAS the right to forward member’s data to third parties for commercial use. By that, however, no entitlement of third parties to the member is created. E-mail address, AWEKAS - username and password are excluded from data transfer. The authorization for data transfer can be withdrawn at any time by deactivating the AWEKAS Plus function in the user profile.

Data storage
AWEKAS will store and process the personal master data according to the Telecommunications Act and the Data Protection Act. Personal master data are in particular: e-mail address, geographic position, username, password. Content data (weather data), as well as internet transfer data are stored only if it is required or useful for providing the specific service, or if it was ordered by the appropriate law enforcement agency under the relevant legal provisions, or to protect harassed network users as defined in the Telecommunications Act. AWEKAS is entitled to keep access statistics.