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    Your AWEKAS Station's ID is the unique identification code of your weather station on AWEKAS.

    You can find the code number in the URL of your browser, if you view the instrument panel page of your station (or other specific pages of your station).

    For example, if the URL at your instrument panel page is , your Station's ID is 1234 (last one to five digits in the URL)

    You can also find your Station's ID, if you:

    1) klick "My station panel" in My AWEKAS (rightmost box in the navigation bar at the top of the AWEKAS main page)

    2) log in, if you aren't already

    3) at the lower end of the page, klick "To the information page of the station" (red arrow symbol)

    4) the box, which is giving informations about your station, shows the ID in line 8

    We are very pleased to announce the presentation of AWEKAS Station's Web's new feature pack 2018!

    We finally implemented what many of you suggested:

    1.) AWEKAS Station's Web alarm service:

    An alarm or information email will be sent to you when personally defined parameters are hit, exceeded or undercut. Thus you can easily and automatically receive e.g. warnings for high wind speed or high amounts of rain.

    For further information please see:

    2.) AWEKAS Station's Web email service:

    The Station's Web mail service sends you or any other recipient automatically generated hourly, daily or monthly summaries of your weather data. The emails can be sent as graphic HTML emails or basic text documents.

    For further information please see:

    3.) AWEKAS Station's Web presentation mode:

    This was designed to automatically switch between the pages of your Station's Web. The pages that should be viewed and the intervals of switching are adjustable in the settings of your Station's Web. The presentation mode allows you to employ AWEKAS Station's web e.g. in presentations of any occasion, in showrooms or for informative purposes.

    For further information please see:

    As alway - the best comes last: All of these fantastic new extensions are available for every new and established Station's Web user for free!

    If you haven't already activated AWEKAS Station's Web, you can purchase here:

    The AWEKAS alarm service informs Station's Web users via email if certain, definded parameters are hit. The emails are automatically generated by the AWEKAS servers.

    Any parameter that you send to AWEKAS can be used as a condition for a information or alarm email. You can choose the value of the parameter and if you wish to be informed if it is hit (=), undercut (<) or exceeded (>).

    You can also define how often you wish to be informed if certain condition is hit. In addition, you can set categories for information only, warnings or alarm.

    For example:

    • Parameter: temperature
    • Condition: should not be below -10°C
    • Interval: daily
    • Information if temperature is below -10°C
    • Warning if temperature is below -15°C
    • Alarm if temperature is below -25°C

    The setup takes place in the settings page of your Station's Web. Near the bottom of the page, the Button "AWEKAS alarm service" is located.


    Description of content:


    • (1) activation or inactivation of information email
    • (2) parameter of choice (temperature, wind speed, humidity....)
    • (3) comparative operator (< less than, > more than, = equal)
    • (4) comparative value
    • (5) type of email (information, warning, alarm)
    • (6) email adress of the recipient
    • (7) interval of information: defindes how often the parameter should be checked and if applicable you will be informed. Possible intervals: 15 minutes, 1 hor, 6 hours, 24 hours
    • (8) add or delete a line (for more/less emails)
    • (9) save settings

    AWEKAS Station's Web standard users can define up to 3 parameters for the alarm service. Premium users are not limited.

    The AWEKAS Station's Web email service sends Station's Web users automatically created reports via email.

    The emails are generated by the AWEKAS servers and can be sent to any email adress (including non AWEKAS users). The following reports are available:

    • up-to date weather data in intervals of 1 hour - short text email, long text email (with minimum and maximum values), HTML email
    • daily summary of the previous day at 12:00 PM - basic text email or HTML email
    • monthly summary of the previous month at the first day of every month at 12:00 PM - basic text email or HTML email

    HTML emails include graphic processing of the data.

    AWEKAS Station's web standard users are limited to one report (one hourly, one daily and one monthly summary, each to one recipient). Station's Web permium users have no limitations.

    The setup takes place at the settings page of your Station's Web. Near the bottom, the settings for the mail service are located.


    This button directs you to the settings page of the mail service.

    Description of contents:


    • (1) activation or inactivation of one report
    • (2) type of email: basic text email or HTML email
    • (3) intervals of email delivery: hourly, daily or monthly
    • (4) email adress of the recipient
    • (5) add or delete a line (for more/less reports)
    • (6) save settings

    These are some examples of reports (German):

    &thumbnail=1 &thumbnail=1 &thumbnail=1 &thumbnail=1 &thumbnail=1

    The Station's Web presentation mode was designed to automatically switch between the pages of your Station's Web. All or selected pages are displayed with adjustable intervals between the switches. The presentation mode is exclusively available for Station's Web premium users.


    • go to the settings page of your Staion's Web

    • near the bottom are the settings for the presentation mode (permium users only)

      Select the pages that you wish to be displayed in presentation mode. Selected pages are marked with a tick sign and grey colour. The slider bar adjusts the intervals between switching. Intervals of 5 to 120 seconds are possible.

    Viewing the presentation mode:

    Add &feature=play to the URL of your Station's Web page in your browser.

    For example:…php?id=2&amp;feature=play

    After more than one year of development and uncountable hours of coding, the day has come.
    AWEKAS is introducing the new instrument designer!

    As of now, it is possible to design your personal instrument page. It is very simple and does not require any coding knowlegde. 14 different gauges are avaible, which can be adjusted in size, colour and position to your own preferences.

    Especially for the use at your own website, the colour of the background can be changed, too.

    To get to the instrument designer, please klick:

    During the testing phase, the result can be viewed at[yourawekasid] as a "special instrument page". After the testing period, the instrument panel will be able to view at the usual URL (/instrument.php).

    The new instrument designer has many benefits, including:

    • modern HTML5 Code without Flash can be viewed in modern browsers without restrictions

    • individually adjustable (AWEKAS Plus feature)

    • automatic AJAX actualization of the page (gauges are beeing refreshed without having to refresh the entire page)

    • different layouts can be set

    • can be adjusted for your own website (AWEKAS Plus feature)

    • measurement units can be changed for every gauge individually (i.e. wind speed in m/s and knots in one tool)

    Please report problems or errors of the instrument designer in this thread. We will fix them as soon as possible.

    It is planned to offer templates for the generation of the instrument page later. Therefor, we want to use the best self-created instrument pages. If your individually adjusted instrument page should be a template, please post a screenshot and your AWEKAS ID in this thread.

    The instrument designer uses the new layout of AWEKAS. This layout will be expanded to entire AWEKAS later.