AWEKAS - How to write the title of your request/question/annoucement

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    In order to allow an easy search of the various topics and to avoid duplications, even if we have a search function, we ask you to write the title of your request as follows:

    Weather software used then probleme encountered or Equipment followed with the problem

    This method gives you a first advantage : the sorting of the topics by click on the "topic" bar located at the top of the Forum table or by use of the sorting menu at the bottom page. Try to spell the software or equipment names as they are defined and written by their authors or manufacturers (homogeneity of writing in the sorting). Thank you to put a space, a dash and a space between the software or equipment name and your request.

    For example:

    AWEKAS - Error in min-max graphic
    AWEKAS - Password with DirectLink
    WeatherLink IP - Inexisting transfer of data
    GraphWeather - Incorrect transmissions
    Heavy Weather - How to use WUHU
    Meteohub - Synchronisation time shifted
    Weather Display - Impossible sending to AWEKAS
    AWEKAS - Bribed links
    WS3600 - Interface application
    Virtual Weather Station - Transfer file unavailable
    MeteoBase - Difference between data sent and seen

    There is also a particular item "Tool" relating to help or questions in common with the whole of software or equipment.

    For instance:

    Tool - Check your pressure sensor

    At last, you can use the item "Member" about suggestion or question, which are unclassified within the previous possibilities.

    If you have an subject similar to an existing, do not create a new item. Thank you for using the existing, the subject becomes in bold when you add an anwser or question. So we will see your request.
    It you create a new item, please use the format given by AWEKAS - How to request help and assistance on this forum

    Thank you for comprehension, this method allows to everyone a best use of the forums.

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