Mid Atlantic Hurricane Center - Prediction and Research Center

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    Who Are We?

    The MAHC (Mid Atlantic Hurricane Center) is a small two man operation. Dr Gothican provides a small portion of financing and direction. His assistant provides operational functionality such as the MAHC website, forecast models, and "First Strike" predictions. The doctor approves all early warning bulletins and his assistant is responsible for delivery. The MAHC is a subsidiary of FicDart Inc. and was established in 2011. The domain was acquired in 2013.

    Mission Statement

    The MAHC mission is to provide extreme early forecasting for Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean and East Coast tropical systems. It is also the mission of the MAHC to provide a yearly summary of the previous years tropical season and all data collected for such summary. The MAHC will also provide the extreme early forecasting of U.S., "Winter Season" and empirical data supporting this forecast. The center intends on continuing early winter forecasting as well as all the tropical products the center currently provides. To clarify, MAHC will provide long and short range prediction of Atlantic tropical weather and a long range prediction of the coming winter weather. We will only report, short range winter weather and U.S. severe weather. We also do a great deal of data collection and research for, "Long Range Hurricane Modeling" base on many of Doctor Gothican algorithms.


    The MAHC works very hard to provide accurate forecasting and data archival. The MAHC cannot provide guarantees regarding weather forecasts, no one does this. MAHC disclaims any liability arising from possible inaccurate forecasting as the information provided will never come with a guarantee. The center specifically disclaims any liability arising from any government entity incurring cost for pro-active preparations recommended by the centers early warning bulletins. The center will continue to work tirelessly to provide accurate as possible forecasting, but the center obligingly admits it is not perfect!

    Current Projects:
    Atlantic Hurricane App/Long Range Hurricane, "First Strike", Predictor

    Link to MAHC:
    Mid Atlantice Hurricane Center